PPSC Assistant Paper in Board of Revenue Held on 03-07-2021

This is PPSC Assistant Paper in Board of Revenue Held on 03-07-2021.

This paper was conducted by PPSC on 03-07-2021 for Board of Revenue Department.

We uploaded this paper on our channel but this time this is a complete analysis of the paper of how much percentage of Paper was repeated and how much of the paper was new.

PPSC might have slightly changed the way they ask questions and might have changed the PPSC MCQs Bank database a little differently. But these are slight changes and if you prepare with concept and a little bit of searching around then you will be able to crack PPSC.

But If you are the person who relies on Past Papers of PPSC and don’t take much trouble to prepare something else then this might be a little problem for you.

PPSC Assistant Paper in Board of Revenue

What is the decimal value of 1100011 binary number?
A. 4
B. 16
C. 99
D. 128

Now Add this 64 + 32 + 2 + 1

Pakistan’s Largest export partner is:

A. China (11%)

B. US (13%)

C. EU (18%)

D. None of these

Geography 2

•In which country does the desert city Timbuktu lie?

A. Morocco

B. Mauritania

C. Mali

D. Sudan