Pakistan Affairs MCQs

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Which of the Pakistani personality has been a secretary General of OIC:

A. Altaf Gohar

B. S. M. Zafar

C. Sharif ud Din Pirzada

D. Ajmal Mian

Who was the first chairman of Higher Education Commission?

A. Dr Javaid Laghari

B. Dr Ata ur Rehman (in 2002)

C. Dr Salim uz Zaman Siddique

D. Dr Mukhtar Ahmad

Which leader of the then NWFP was also known as the Frontier Gandhi?

A. Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Bacha Khan) (Father of Abdul Wali Khan)

B. Abdul Jabbar Khan (Dr Khan Sahib, Brother of Abdul Ghaffar Khan)

C. Abdul Ghani Khan

D. None of these

•Founded the Khudai Khidmatgar movement in 1929. سرخ پوش

Mig-21 destroyed by Pakistani Air Force on 27 April was manufactured by:

A. India

B. France


D. Italy

The only Vice President of Pakistan was:

A. Noor Ul Amin
B. Iskandar Mirza
C. Rana Liaqat Ali Khan
D. None of these

Pakistan’s Largest export partner is:

A. China (11%)

B. US (13%)

C. EU (18%)

D. None of these

Basic Democracy system came in Pakistan in: